Appointments can be made via:

We ask patients to show consideration to each other, as well as ourselves, by using appointments for their proper purposes only. Please do not book appointments for anything that can be arranged by telephone.

Do not use them for repeat prescriptions or to ask for test results. This can be done with the Request a Repeat Prescription form or by completing the Test Results Triage respectively.

Please note that our appointment system has changed during this pandemic to protect everyone. We are still open and consulting. Face to face appointments are only made if clinically appropriate as triaged by the clinicians.

Emergency Appointments

Please do not request emergency appointments for conditions that are not emergencies. Patients with genuinely serious needs are put at a disadvantage when others book emergency appointments for trivial matters.

Appointment Etiquette

One appointment means one patient only. Do not bring other family members and ask them to be seen at the same time. This is inconsiderate for patients who are waiting to be seen after you, who will be kept waiting. If you are a carer who genuinely needs to discuss another patient, book the appointment in their name so we have the right notes to hand. Please do not use the same appointment for yourself as well.

Please do not book follow up appointments unless you have been asked to do so.

Missed or Late Appointments

If you cannot keep your appointment, please inform us as soon as possible and re-book. You can cancel an appointment online by completing the Cancel an Appointment triage. If you are delayed, please attend and we will try and fit you into the next available un-booked appointment. If there are none we will advise you to re-book. Please do not telephone to “catch the doctor” during surgery times. Just a few of these can put a surgery several appointments behind.

Blood Pressure Checks and Vaccinations

Please do not book appointments with doctors for blood pressure checks and vaccinations. These need to be booked with the nurse or healthcare assistants. We regret we are not currently in a position to perform routine blood tests; these should be booked at Ladies Walk Health Centre, Guest Hospital or you can attend Russells Hall’s Laboratory directly.

Please read our Guide to Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services.

Online Services

If you would like to register for this free service please complete our Register for Online Services form.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you are unable to attend or no longer require an appointment, please let us know so we can offer the appointment to someone else.

To cancel, you can: